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Iron Man Suit Frame Assembly


So,the Iron Man is to go on a mission...

Tony Stark comes down to the basement, which actually is his laboratory, and then, with help of Jarvis and the suit frame assembly turns into the Iron Man. Pepper Potts does not hide surprise when she sees Tony being dressed up in the power suit. Eventually she gets the whole idea, and Tony alias Iron Man is ready for a mission.

The assembly frame is built on three horizontally movable platforms, so it could be rearranged, depending on what is going to happen. All arms of the assembly frame are movable, so they give a feel of reality. also the floor tilts, to give an impression of the arms to be rising from underneath.

Finally, I added Dummy - Tony's hated and loved self-movable, robotic  sidekick.

Thank you for voting; I hope you enjoy my project, once it is on shelves.

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