Space Launch System

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Wouldn't you like to have a set of rockets on your office desk?

These are models of the NASA Space Shuttle and the
. The rockets and the launch tower are all to scale. The actual size of the Shuttle plus tank and rockets is 65 meter. This dwarfs the SLS rockets. The SLS Crew carrier is to be 98 meter and the SLS Cargo carrier is to be 122 meter high. These rockets are for space missions to asteroids, Mars and beyond.

Look for more details at NASA.

The entire set (rockets plus tower) has 197 pieces. A lot of parts are not (yet) available in the colors I used.

Here you see the micro build of the Space Shuttle.

Above: the complete set plus part list.

I regularly upload photos on my Flickr page for the project.

Below more NASA rockets in micro-scale.
(V2, Saturn V, Titan, Delta V, Ares I, Space Shuttle and SLS.)

If you want to have these rockets in Lego, support the SLS project.