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Ragnarök ADX-42 Alien Defense Interceptor


Revision -- Smoothness



This revision takes into account many of the comments so far, in terms of the amount of “studs” on the topside of the craft.  Thus, the red ion thruster engine nozzles are now stud-less (smooth) as are the tops of the engine cowlings themselves.  I also made much of the top of the fuselage smooth in the same way.  The large trapezoidal wings are now virtually stud-less with the addition of two plate pieces.  Although this adds to the thickness of the wings, it does provide a more eye-pleasing look.

This revision also adds pieces to model – a total of nine (9) bringing the brick count up to 219.  The overall dimensions are not changed.

The pilot Major Davis seems happy with the changes (as he’s still smiling) – I hope you are too.

Let me know your feedback.