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World News Van



The world of Lego is always changing, and the citizens of Lego City are always on the move and need to know what's happening. Introducing the World News Van! It's a small van with a reporter, camera person and all the equipment needed to gather a compelling story. The set will make an excellent addition to any Lego City collection, or alternatively it can be enjoyed on its own with the additional mini-figures (included.)

The set includes 4 mini-figures: a reporter, camera person, police officer and a robber. This allows the set to be enjoyed on its own, allowing the owner to create their own cop & robber story to be covered by the news team. In addition, this set can interact with any other Lego City sets. News is everywhere and must be covered! Imagine the news team covering the police force, firefighters, construction, volcano explorers, super heroes and more!

Accessories include:

  • Video camera
  • Microphone,
  • Radio
  • Hand-held camera
  • Crowbar
  • Handcuffs
  • Money tiles
  • Brown suitcase
  • Pink suitcase
  • Coffee mug.

The news van features an interactive rear control area that can house two mini figures. This area can store accessories and act as a control centre for the news team. The control area is accessible from a rear door and a swinging side door. Both swing open and allow for the placement of mini-figures inside the control area. The front seat is spacious and can accommodate a mini-figure in the driver's seat with enough room for coffee mug. News crews work long hours and need their coffee!

An additional feature of the News Van is a roof-mounted camera. The camera is attached to a small tower. When folded down, the unit rests on the front portion of the van's roof. The camera tower is attached to a hinge, allowing the entire unit to be extended vertically. The camera is able to swivel, allowing for it to be pointed in any direction.

Panels and flat surfaces on the sides of the van have been intentionally left blank to allow for stickers/logos to be placed. Imagine this set with the logo of your local news station!

This set is intended to be simple, fun, interactive and serves to function as a stand-alone toy or as part of your Lego City collection. The level of detail and theming is designed to complement the Lego City brand.

I hope you enjoyed, thank you for your support!