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USS Supernova Space patrol


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   Introducing the Supernova! An original space ship.  

     Hundreds of years in the future, a while after the invention of intergalactic travel, there came a need for the development of some sort of law enforcement ship to deal with interplanetary disputes and Piracy. The solution? The USS Supernova-Class patrol ship! equipped with the latest in law enforcement technology, this ship meets the need for a fast powerful vehicle. Equipped with twin neutron cannons, the USS Supernova can protect and serve the Galaxy in ways never before possible. Pilot Jack Nebula and his co-pilot Nora Tucana roam the galaxy in their custom Patrol Ship the Supernova. 


  • Opening cockpit and cargo area.
  • Twin Neutron cannons. (spring loaded)
  • Two minifigures.
  • Armory unit.


  • Translucent windows.
  • Metallic guns and engines.
  • Deep blue & orange paint job.