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Relaxation Garden Home


Relaxation Garden Home, is a larger sized house about 36x45 blocks, the house its self is only 18x23. It comes with two minifigures, and includes two beds,one couch, a table, a desk, and two lamps on the inside. For the outside, the set contains the materials needed to build a tree, lawnmower, grill, multiple flower pots, picnic table, and also a slide, umbrella shade area and large stair case. All of this is surrounded by a white fence, to complete the set.


I think that this set would make a good set, probably for a child, but it is fun to build, and fun to play with, it gives ideas that can be used again and again. One thing I like to do, is build the set, then take it apart, and put my own spin, and ideas on it, which you can do with this set, move the stairs around, re-arange  whatever you want, how you want. It is also not completely full, it has extra items, but you can add pieces you already have, or leave it as-is.