Product Idea

Time Machine

The Time Machine

The time machine will allow any Lego person to travel or teleport anywhere in time or space. There were only four time machines built by an eccentric inventor named Abbott. Abbott is pictured above, installing the final software to power the last time machine that will ever be made. Abbott always dreamed of going anyplace he could imagine. He dedicated his entire life to building these time machines. Only he has been able to build them. Going as far as he could into the future, he learned he will be the only person ever to be able to make a time machine.

If you had this time machine, where would you go or what would you do?

The machine uses a combination of electrometric pulses and radiation from the sun to create disruptions in time. These disruptions are what allow the machine to work. Abbott has created a masterpiece of machinery that allows the user of the machine to go anywhere in the future or past.  

Be careful where you go. If your time machine ends up being damaged while you are on an adventure, you will have no way to get back home.