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Holiday Cottage


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Presenting the "Holiday Cottage" - my latest LEGO Idea.

This small, one-bedroom weekend/holiday cottage is in a contemporary British style.  It is made from yellow sandstone with a grey slate roof, a single Mansard window, fire-engine red guttering and drainpipe to match the striking front door, and an imposing grey stone chimney stack.  There are some furnishings and fittings in each room (though I'm not entirely pleased with them and might spend some time on new designs for a future update).  The building is set in a flowering country garden enclosed within a traditional white painted wooden fence.

I originally conceived this design as an addition to the official LEGO Winter Village theme to go with the retail sets, my own "Winter Village Castle Keep" proposal and other MOCs in the same vein.  However, I decided that it would have much wider appeal as a modern-era City or Creator model which will fit in with more collections and town/village displays.  But it could be easily adapted to fit a Winter Village scene with a few well-placed white plates.

Images were created using POV-Ray software, apart from the final picture which is an LDD screenshot.

Thanks for looking, thanks to those of you who decide to support this Idea, and please check out my other sets!