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Pirate Ship Section


This project is about a pirate ship section / middle section where children / adults can have a good look / get any idea about the construction of this historical ship as several sections are viewable /accessible and - main point - playable, such as ballast tank area where stone can be added, tween deck with stores and canons, deck with access to tween deck and main mast.

This Ship section has dimensions of 18 studs wide and 16 studs long and my idea is to add several sections as forecastle with foremast / store / etc and sterncastle with accommodations / rudder / whipstaff / etc to finally build a full ship.

As the wooden black ships hull is connected to the ship per hinge connectors everyone can easily modify the hull to their preferable colour without complete dismantling the construction.

Thanks for your time to view my project and please support!

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