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Lego Ideas Ancient Greek Temple

My name is Emperor Brick from Slovenia and it is in my honor to present you the Ancient Greek Temple.
Greeks build many temples all-around ancient Greece. This temple was built by my Athenean minifigures. Their signature blue color decorates the stone plate on which the mighty temple was build. Two statues guard the temple. And in the temple there is a statue made of gold.
I love ancient Greek, therefore i decided to build a Temple. The build came from my imagination and knowledge of how the ancient Greeks built their temples. Like my previous build it is a tribute to one of the greatest eras of ancient history.
The set is built from around 2400 pieces and includes 3 minifigures, as well as 3 statues:
  • Ancient Greek Temple
  • high priestess
  • 2 Athenian soldiers
  • 2 stone statues
  • 1 gold statue
I believe the set will attract a lot of Ancient world fans. Also the Ancient world theme is a long time expected theme by the fans. I also tried to include some of an interesting elements to the build - like the pattern on the sided of the temple - whic a made sure it has no politycal or religious meaning. And the little flower gardens by the site - I think it is a very interesting and a unique build. Floors can also have the flat plate tiles, but i choose to use normal plates so minifigures can be put anywhere. To conclude I believe it is a great display piece that is a must have on a shelve.

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