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Mini Chess Set


This model is a nice sleek looking chess set! It has an extremely sturdy build, fun sized pieces, and a wonderful smoothed surface! The set includes all the basic things any chess would: A board, 16 pawns, 4 castles, 4 knights, 4 bishops, 2 queens, and 2 kings.

About the model:

The model is 18x18 studs long (including the lining along the outside of the board). The surface of the entire set is done with smooth tile bricks, so that the pieces do not get caught or stuck, but instead move with ease! Because this model is reinforced with 2 separate layers under the playing board, if you drop it, it will most likely not break! (Don't count on the pieces though)

Where you could use this:

This is one of the best aspects of the model! You can take it practically anywhere! If you want to impress your friends and fellow LEGO builders, what better way than to beat them on your very own LEGO chess set? Or for all of you adult builders out there, you could teach your kids a sophisticated game of chess, and then destroy the board and build wacky and outlandish creations when you're done!

Estimated price:

I would put this model anywhere from 10$ to 30$ (Hopefully the 10$).

What if I enjoy chess, but don't play that often?

Have no fear! This chess set would even look great on a desk! If you have a desk job, and you want to decorate your desk, side table, or shelves, than go ahead and slap this on! It will add a sleek and sophisticated look to your work space.

A message from me:

Thank you very much for your potential support!