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EX-UB ScSv Mk I "The Scout"


The universe is populated with desert worlds waiting to have their vastness explored and their beauty and resources discovered. The mechanics at ExoSolar Corporation have developed the EX-UB ScSV Mk I Exploration Uni-Bike, Scout/Survey to handle just such a challenge. Capable of unbelievable speeds, the ultralight weight frame allows "The Scout" to speed over loose sand, jump wide canyons, and outrun the occasional hostile alien.

Equipped with a full spectrum sensor suite "The Scout" can find specific mineral deposits and organic compounds within 10 kilometers from its onboard database or a pre-loaded unique sample. The Scout" can also act as a first responder to accidents using the detachable cargo bay to drop critical supplies to a crash or accident site.

Designed to be unique and fun, this set is designed with movement and potential in mind. The creator is encouraged to use the promise of speed to zoom around the playroom moving the set up walls, jumping from one side of the bed, I mean canyon, to the other while evading the alien pursuers, or zipping down the hall to the site of spaceship crash to deliver supplies and rescue the survivors before the week long sandstorm hits. The possibilities are endless.

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