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Minecraft - Cave Explorer Board Game

4/10/13 - 1,000 supporters! Thanks guys!

Seeing that LEGO now has a Minecraft license from Mojang, why not a board game to start off the new line of sets? This is design 4.5. Now the game has taken a major rule change.

Craft tools to mine ore in the caves of Minecraft. Redeem the ores for emeralds which can be used to purchase tools (in case you do not have the materials to craft the tools in question). Whoever has the most emeralds at the end of the game wins!

The board has nine cave tiles which can be switched around. Here, the stone/ore blocks are mined. With wood and other materials, you can craft more pickaxes and swords to fend off the hordes of mobs. However, craft wisely, as you must have the most emeralds at the end of the game in order to win!

While the above picture is Design 3, the current design may be able to borrow elements from this. It is, however, about twice the size of the current version.

These are the possible game pieces for the players (multi-colored Steves) and mobs. These may have to be replaced by microfigures.

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