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Renewable Energy Retreat


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The Renewable Energy Retreat represents technology and design that I see and value in my local community and my hopes for educational opportunities for future generations.

Renewable Energy Retreat includes:

  • Hot springs source with water piped to an outdoor shower and through the floor to heat the building
  • Garden hose supplied with water reclaimed from the heating system and diverted from a ground water return
  • Solar powered plant light with a swing-away arm over a raised garden bed with vegetables
  • Efficient outdoor fireplace insert and an indoor pellet stove cooktop
  • Dual purpose door that opens to become a teaching screen with rooftop camera feed of the wind turbine mechanics

Spin the wind turbine blades by engaging the gears with a twist of the center support column.

Slide food and compostable dishes from the dining counter down to the compost bin by extending the washer.

Shine a LEGO light brick through a chandelier with an eighth turn of the propeller backed switch.

*After years of being denied access to STEM educational opportunities with reasons summing to 'I am too much, or not enough,' I crafted Renewable Energy Retreat as a thank you for LEGO Elves, which felt like an invitation to develop my potential and that of my daughter in the realm of play.


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