Minecraft Action World

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UPDATE-Removed Lego studs on the remaining pictures.
UPDATE-Removed Lego studs on the first pictures.
UPDATE-Added faces and the word TNT. Criticism welcome.

Do you feel like we need more Lego Minecraft? Do you feel like Micro world isn't enough? Well this solves your problem! Minecraft Action World is realistic Minecraft characters and objects. I believe these would have a lot of play value. The above picture is The Player and a Creeper.

Above is The Enderman and a Zombie. The Enderman is a tall dark figure, and when you look at him he's gone! The Zombie on the other hand, is an ugly guy who just moans and attacks you like a normal guy.

Above is a Pig and a Pigman. The Pig is an evil creature because he keeps his yummy porkchops away from you. The Pigman's past is unkown.

Above is a Grass Block and TNT. The Grass Block is one of the most well known blocks in the entire game. TNT goes boom.

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