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Enopia: StarHawk MkII


     This reconnaissance craft, the StarHawk MkII is one of the fastest vehicles in Enopia, and is powerful enough to break out of the atmosphere and into space. The wheels do not retract, to aid structural integrity and reduce weight. the large air intake on the top creates a low pressure area above the cabin, providing lift.

     This model features seating for one minifigure, (included), and wings that fold away when not in use. (Such as in space flight and in a hangar.) The rear part of the engine glows in the dark. 

     I think that this would make a great set because the design is pretty awesome, (my best yet), I'd like to get myself a good sig-fig, and I want to raise awareness for a book and, later, a movie that I am thinking of making; Enopia. I also like attention.

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