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Hockey Pachinko


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He shoots!  He scores!!  GOAL!!!

Hockey is a fast-paced and physical sport.  First invented in Montreal, Canada in 1875, this game brings excitement into the chilly winter air.  I crossed hockey with another fun game, pachinko, in my model.  Pachinko is a game of luck mostly found in casinos, but my smaller hockey version is more for fun.

Some notes about the model...

  • The model was built sideways, with obstacles and the net attached with technique elements and side studs.
  • I used a solid white for the ice, and chose red for the walls to match the net and the obstacles and to provide a nice contrast to the ice..
  • I tried to be as accurate as possible with the red and blue lines, to match a real hockey rink.
  • The ball is launched with a Lego cannon.  This mechanism pushes a piece which propels the ball up and around the walls and down the sloped rink.
  • I used the Hockey Player minifigure from Series 4 to decorate my model.
  • I rigged a 10x10 Lego net to be the back of the goal.  After you score, the ball returns to a storage area at the bottom so you can play again!

I think this would make a great set because it isn't just a decoration.  It is a fun model that is also a game with the excitement of hockey and the luck of pachinko.  Please support and follow my model.  Your feedback is highly appreciated.  Thanks!