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Doctor Who: The Great Time War



The 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who included a new Doctor. The War Doctor. I have made a set based around his character. This set contains a little over 600 pieces. It contains three minifigures. The War Doctor with sonic screwdriver, Bad Wolf and a Galifrey Soldier. It also contains two normal Daleks and a special weapons Dalek. 

The Galifrey Soldier can control the Galifrey Cannon which fires four missiles. There is a fifth missile which is ready for loading when he has used up all the others.

The tower's roof can collapse if the leaver behind is push, so watch out below. On the lower level is hidden the moment in it's box form.

There is also a wall which the Doctor shoots to make the message which reads no more. Remove the layer on the wall to see the message.

The two regular Daleks can fire missiles too. Just flick them out from their back (see images).

I have included four different types of 'The Moment' as it is called. The device which the Doctor intends to use to end the Time War. There is a sack which the Doctor carries, The Moment in it's box form, the Moment with the big red button as the Doctor requests and The moment's conscience Also known as Bad Wolf.

Ok, The T.A.R.D.I.S. I know it looks similar to my previous project's Tardis, but it's a little different this time. When you remove the top, you can pull out the Tardis which turns into the interior walls of the Tardis. Then, by adding the console, you can play within the Tardis itself.

I am really pleased with this set, and I hope you will like it too. Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned. I wonder if you can tell what will be coming next!