Product Idea

Super Dope

I got the inspiration for a ship in LEGO form, I believe there are others, like me, who enjoy a good challenge and want more to work with and I want to offer that
The future of space.
This ship carries you to a place where you wanna go: Space! Go wherever you want to go in this beauty of a ship. By the way, you can see how fast she goes and be able to feel at home. Where would you go?
Would you take a ride on this ship? Would you go fast? Would you have someone with you? Go on a romantic cruise? She has power,in the wings which you can see are different than any ship in the galaxy. Super Dope has the wings to withstand heat, water, and fire. If you go out on the town you can also play music bout a ride through space? Wanna come along?
-135 Lego pieces
-200 passengers
-4 windows
-1 door
-2 legs
-1 pilot
-2 wings