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Steam Stryder


"LETS RIDE!!" And there's nothing like riding in a strider, and Steam Stryder is no exception, even when its powered by, well...steam. 

Striders are racing walkers armed with single shot cannons or plasma blasters. the racingis fast paced and intense, and usually involves someone tripping over and crashing at some point. As on can tell this spectator sport is quite popular. Almost as popular as the MECH Arena Battles. The races are similar also to what was known as NASCAR or Formula 1, and just as much fun to watch.

Stream Stryder is driven by Leighton Baines, a very renowned pilot, who set some of the earliest records in the sport. his rein appears to be coming to an end fairly soon, with some rookies looking to take the lead.

Steam Stryder is based around a build that I found on Instagram, which itself was based loosely on the space mech construction that was previously. The original build was done by a guy named Bricotine, who featured both our builds on his page. (dont worry i asked for permission first lol.) but the build itself is very simply but the details are what make it look complex. A very satisfying build. plus it looks great as well. it even has break lights.

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