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Tardis, Bigger on the Inside



Welcome to the first trans dimensional Lego model. On the outside, this is an Ultimate Collectors Series sized model of Doctor Who’s Tardis, standing 15” high. Being a phone box, it comes complete with a telephone.

But this Tardis conceals more surprises. Open it up to reveal a minifigure sized interior. This is based on Matt Smith’s Tardis. It was constructed on three levels, making it an ideal candidate to give vertical interest to this model.

The central control platform rotates, giving little fingers access to all six instrument panels. You may notice references to various stories, such as the blue crystal from Planet of the Spiders, or the crack in the universe on the monitor. The top of the central column depresses to light it up.

When you have picked your panel, the stairs pivot up and lock into place, making a rigid model. You’ll notice that on the right is the famous hat stand, and on the left are the doors seen from the inside.

When you are finished, everything folds away neatly for display and storage.

This is a completely legal build, using existing pieces. All it requires are the addition of stickers, plus mini figures of the Doctor and companions.

Whilst this is significantly larger than previous Ideas sets, I propose that this is the perfect set for the advanced modeller with a bigger child on the inside.


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