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Every audiophile knows that listening to music can be a truly inspiring experience and that the adage "they don't make them like they used to" is held in the hearts of many when it comes to the components that they choose to acquire for listening to their favorites. That's why I've decided to focus on devices made in the 70s and 80s.

This collection of home audio components is based on some of the best technology humankind has created to listen to their favorite music. It includes a record player, dual tape deck, CD player, stereo tuner, a pair of speakers and an audio tower to hold all of these, plus some albums! I also created a small 'bonus' model of a portable cassette tape player, for music on the go!

Each component has a special feature or function:

Record Player: This turntable features an LP on top of a freely spinning platter and has an adjustable tonearm that can be placed onto the record. It also has a 'lift' lever that can be toggled up and down.

Dual Tape Deck: This component has opening doors and tiny tapes inside each compartment. They can be affixed to the back side of the internal compartment or place in 'loose'.

CD Player: The tray in this player slides out and contains a small compact disk inside.

Stereo Tuner: While this unit doesn't have any special mechanical functions, it does feature two UV meters and a frequency band indicator, represented with details behind clear panels.

Speakers: If you want that sweet stereo sound, you need two speakers. They may look like simple boxes, but each speaker is unique - one is powered while the other is passive, as represented by the details on the back. They also include matching stands.

Audio Tower: Of course, you'll need somewhere to put all your components. This audio tower has two removable and adjustable shelves, a CD rack, and a place for all your LP's. It also includes a collection of media to populate these areas.

Portable Cassette Tape Player: This portable device has a tiny tape inside and signature blue, 'silver' and yellow color scheme we all know from a certain underdog comic book movie...

Albums: Of course you need your favorite albums on cassette, CD and vinyl! Part of this set includes a number of albums in each format. These could be in different colors or have decals.

I think this makes a great idea because it resonates with so many people. Everyone loves some genre of music and many of us grew up listening to the music we love on vinyl, cassette or CD - and many of these components are reminiscent of those that we all used at some point. Even with streaming and digital downloads these days, there has been a resurgence of love for physical media and a lot of interest in vintage components for enjoying them.

There is also a lot of potential in this model for new or existing printed tiles to be used on the components, or for decals to be created for 'brand' logos, warning labels, etc. While this build is entirely doable without the need for new parts, new colors of existing parts, or decals, the addition of these for the details on the components would take this build up to 11! It could even contain a battery pack (there is space behind the CD rack in the audio tower) and the components could light up!

There are 1,663 parts used in this build as it currently stands. When all models are built, the full display stands at about 12" tall and has a footprint of around 11" wide by 4" deep. It's not too large and not too small, the perfect display piece for any music lover. It would make a great gift for adults, teens and children alike!

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