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Industri-Scale (Industrial Scale Lego Trains) American 4-4-0 General


Ever wanted a new Lego train, but found out that it's a limited selection? Well I want to help! I've been playing with Lego for as long as I can remember, and I first started doing trains on L.D.D. (Lego Digital Designer) back on the Lego Universe Creation Lab. On the 17th of May, 2013 I made my first industrial model train, (I was making trains before but they ware pretty small,) it was a Pennsylvania S-2 Steam Turbine locomotive that I built for a friend. It was HUGE! And I started making bigger trains! Since I made the S-2, I built about 15 Industrial trains and train sets!


This is one of my newest, top of the line trains I built! The 4-4-0 General steam locomotive! When the Old West comes to mind, the 4-4-0 is pulling the train of thought at a top speed of 60 miles per hour! So here is the history.

The first 4-4-0s were made in America in 1836 by Henry R. Campbell, who was an engineer from Philadelphia. At the time the 4-4-0s were the biggest American locomotives, beating up the 2-4-0s that came before. Soon 4-4-0s were being built in England in massive numbers. Today in America, less than 40 are seen.

The train dose not have Power Functions so you have to push it with your hand, but if you empty the log load and add gears in the ash pan you might be able to do it. This train is just oozing with detail and features, and new gold pieces for collectors out there.

The couplers are the same as the Two-Truck Shay I built, but I never said how to couple them so here's how. Open the click hinge on the back/front of locomotive. Do the same to the train car you want to couple. Push the two together until they interlock like two hands. And your cars are coupled!

So I hope you like the new train from Industri-Scale! To get the L.X.F. file look my up on the Lego Gallery, here's a link: And like I always say, this is codym512s signing off.

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