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Steiger Bearcat

What is it?
My take on the class Steiger Bearcat, a four wheel drive tractor built in Fargo North Dakota from 1970 to 1974. It featured a 3160 Cat V8 making 225 HP. I replicated every possible detail I could think of, and it DOES articulate! Dual exhaust, drawbar, yellow motor and fender/steps have been faithfully recreated here. It is very green.
Why did I build it?
I love building tractors and other sorts of machinery out of Lego, but I've never done one based on a real tractor. So I gave it a shot, and since I've always loved Steigers, I went with one of them.
Why would it make a good Lego set?
There is a noticeable gap in both tractors and vintage machinery in the lego line. I think the boxy lines and muscular look translate very nicely into Lego.

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