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Ghost Town Showdown


Hello it's me, Legodot02 with my third project.  Hope you enjoy!

Howdy, folks!  Welcome to the Wild West!  On last weeks show the sheriff had cornered the dangerous criminal in the old sheriff office.  Don't let him get away!  Have a stand off on the roof or on the ground. Escape gunfire by hiding in the barrel.  Catch the prisoner and put him into his not-so-cozy jail cell (Which I haven't built yet!).

This set will be part of a bigger set which I'm still making.  I'll probably need faded-out decals for this, like on the sign that will say "Sheriff".  But besides that, this set is ready to build! I'll probably put instructions on this one and a few of my others.  Talking about my others, you can visit them at:

Thanks! Buh-bye!

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