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The LEGO Sandlot Plays Again!

The LEGO Sandlot Plays Again!

Don't we all wish we could slap on a baseball glove, grab our best ball, and head out to play baseball all day with our pals, baking in the sun, but enjoying every minute of it? I hope that when you play with this set, you can finally reach that dream.

"The LEGO Sandlot" started as a mission to (quite simply) find something to do. I thought to myself one day, "I'm gonna put something on LEGO Ideas and reach 10K." Well, turns out, it was easier said than done. I tell you, for days I tried and tried to answer the question that haunts all LEGO builders today, 'WHAT TO BUILD?' That's when I, lying in a pile of jumbled bricks and stupefied, finally hit upon it. What about The Sandlot?!

Hastily running to my computer, I began to work on the masterpiece you now see before your eyes. For weeks, I rendered, built, snapped, clicked, and drew by hand every decal, including the characters themselves. Soon, it was complete!

My first submission went fairly well, finally stalling at 1800 supporters. This time, let’s hit this baby out of the park! 10K, here we come!

I feel that this would make a perfect LEGO set for not only Sandlot fans out there but also the average baseball fan. The set has a ton of fun elements that would appeal to many, including a baseball field and a treehouse. The set also fits neatly on a desk or a counter, and its subdued color scheme would help it blend in among one's personal possessions. For everyone from ages 8 to 88, you can recreate your favorite scenes from The Sandlot film!

The set has many key features that make it stand out. First, its rectangular layout encompasses 80% of the location used in the movie, including the field, treehouse, house, and fence. I took some creative freedom regarding the interior of the house, making it empty as to be able to put the large-scale "Beast" inside. The roof of the house is removable, along with the treehouse side panel as to be able to play inside. I've also included an optional mechanism to push down the fence, as seen in the last 20 minutes of the original film. And, I've even included the micro signed baseball, which is placed on a 1x1 stud.

And of course, I included all the Sandlot team, from Benny to Bertram to Smalls!

So tell your friends, your family, your coach, and everyone else to support The LEGO Sandlot Plays Again! I deeply appreciate it!

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