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Medieval Woodcutter's Cottage


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     Enter the small, but cozy, Medieval Woodcutter's Cottage! This detailed model is over 8" long, 5" wide, and 8" tall! The Medieval Woodcutter's Cottage is based off of a english peasant's hut. I created this model because of my love for history (and of course) LEGO bricks. The reason I chose to make this model a woodcutter's hut was that there are tons of LEGO Ideas medieval blacksmith shops but not one woodcutter shop! The Medieval Woodcutter's Cottage would make a great LEGO set because it features many play options, and is a unique build. 

     The Medieval Woodcutter's Cottage features a 2-story modular hut. The 1st floor includes a fireplace with flame elements, tabel with drumstick, cheese, a silver cup, plate, and candle! The 2nd floor includes a laundry tub with five water elements and a bar of soap, a desk with gold coins, map, inkwell, feather pen, and candel, and a brick-built bed for the mother to sleep on after a long day! The yard features the woodcutter's workshop with work tabel, hatchet, and firewood to split, the yard also features hay for the family cow, flowers, and a tree for the wood cutter to chop down with his axe! 

    The Medieval Woodcutter's Cottage also includes seven minifigures, a woodcutter, the woodcutter's wife, a boy, a girl, a customer, a soldier, and a bandit to steal the woodcutter's priceless silver cup! 

     I hope you enjoy the Medieval Woodcutter's Cottage as much as I enjoyed building it!

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