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Percy Jackson - Camp Half Blood


In the Percy Jackson universe, Camp Half Blood is a summer camp for the children of the Greek Gods. This project includes features iconic to the series and the minifigures of the 7 Heroes of Olympus. I think it would make a good Lego set because the book series by Rick Riordan is hugely popular and so there would be a lot of fans who would want it. Plus, there are plenty of ways to make your own exciting Lego demigod adventures, even if you are not a fan of the books or films.


  • Thalia's Tree - Complete with magical Golden Fleece hanging over a branch
  • Peleus - The young dragon who guards the Golden Fleece and who is also fully posable and easily detachable from the base of the tree
  • Camp Half Blood Entrance - Sturdy and with a sticker sign
  • The Campfire - Uses stick pieces to make it look realistic. Includes 4 benches with room for all the minifigures and flags in the corner ready for a game of capture the flag
  • Leo's Workshop - A small version of where Leo builds his amazing inventions but still includes plenty of weapons, tools and a worktable. The walls also fold in and the roof panels close over when not in use.
  • Archery Range - Three archery targets with paper stickers of bullseye to show where real stickers should go

All models are secure and do not fall apart easily.


  • Percy Jackson - Dark hair, carries Riptide (his sword)
  • Annabeth Chase - Blonde hair, carries her bronze knife
  • Leo Valdez - Brown, messy hair, carries various tools
  • Jason Grace - Short, blonde hair, carries his gold sword
  • Piper McLean - Brown hair with light braid, carries Katoptris (her magical dagger)
  • Frank Zhang - Brown hair, wears the purple cape of a Roman leader, carries bow and arrows
  • Hazel Levesque - Brown hair, rides her horse Arion, carries gold cavalry sword
  • Nico di Angelo - Dark hair, black cloak, carries his black sword

If this was made into a Lego set then this would not be what the final minifigures would look like. This was just my rough idea of what they look like using the bricks available.


If you would like to have this set in the future then please click support and share it with others who may be interested because if it reaches 10,000 supporters and passes the Lego review, it will be made into an official Lego set.