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Millionaire Studio (Vietnamese Edition)


"Who wants to be a millionaire?" is a British show and copyrighted to many other countries. Vietnam is one of them. Today I bring you another enomous creation: Millionaire studio - Vietnamese edition.

You wanna now why I say this is Vietnam edition? Well, look at the stairs and some red-things, they are usually pink (British edition) or yellow (most other countries edition). It took me 5 days to build, exactly 1 full day building. 

The model took over 1100 bricks because in the middle, I used a lot of 1x1 flat pieces. Its dimensions: 32x32x11 (Length x Width x Height) so it's quite big. But because of that, audiences seats were moved some so it can fit with the area. The lights on top were too difficult to build in LDD, so I just add some poles at the corner to support those lights. One part of the studio is removed for builders can see what inside.