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Aladdin is one of my favourite stories and animations of all time.

I had been wanting to create a LEGO Aladdin design for quite some time, but could not decide which setting from the movie to base my design around. After much deliberation, I concluded that I could not choose between three different settings, so I created a diorama that includes all of them in one build on three different sides, and these include:

  • The Sultan’s Palace - the home of Princess Jasmine and her Tiger Rajah, the Sultan of Agrabah, and eventually Aladdin.

  • The Streets of Agrabah - where Aladdin grew up with his Monkey Abu and meets Princess Jasmine, who he rescues and falls in love with. 

  • Cave of Wonders - a mysterious cave that holds the magic lamp, whose entrance is guarded to only allow an individual “Whose worth lies far within - the diamond in the rough”. 

One of the hardest parts of the design was trying to create a seamless transition into the next scene without looking like an awkward and obvious border / separation. So I designed the entire project around creating a natural looking barrier and separation between these three main sections. I wanted all three sections to have a completely different feel, and are hopefully instantly recognisable from the movie at a glance.

Another challenge was that I wanted to include most of the main characters from the story, which was easy enough for the human like characters as you can use LEGO Minifigures, but much more difficult for the animal characters. 

The Minifigure characters include:

  • Aladdin
  • Genie
  • Jasmine
  • Jafar
  • Agrabah Guards (i.e. Razoul)

The main animal (and Magic Carpet) characters took many attempts and much more time to try and get right. I redesigned each character many times before getting to a point where I was happy with their look, and they include:

  • Abu (Aladdin’s best friend and Monkey)
  • Magic Carpet (Aladdin’s main mode of transport after being rescued from the Cave of Wonders)
  • Iago (Jafar’s Villainous sidekick and Scarlet Macaw Parrot)
  • Rajah (Princess Jasmine’s protector and Tiger)
  • Camel (there are many Camels in Aladdin, but none are main characters)

I wanted the Camel to be seperate from the main build so that it could be placed anywhere depending on what area is been observed or played with.

I designed the flying carpet to be perched on the ridge above Agrabah so that it looks like it is flying when displayed.

I really enjoyed this project, and found it to be a very rewarding challenge.

1643 LEGO Bricks.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your future builds.

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