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Twilight Princess


Grab your sword and get ready to venture, as you travel between the earth and twilight realm with these new playsets. Based off legend of zelda: twilight princess, are 4 playsets that are relevant to the video game. Let's get started.

First of we have the characters that come with the sets:

Link with master sword and hyrule shield

Zelda with sword


Twilight Princess (Midna's true form)

Wolf Link




Bulblin with Lord Bullbo

Cloaked Zelda

Puppet Zelda

and Shadow beast.

This first set is the bridge of Eldin. This set is based of the epic battle in the middle of the game. This set includes 397 pieces. It comes with Link, Epona, and Bulblin with Lord Bulldo.

The second set is based of the scene of the game where wolf Link first meets Zelda. This set includes 58 pieces. It comes with wolf Link, cloaked Zelda, and Midna.

The third set is based of the Ganon's puppet Zelda, the 4th to last battle in the game. This set includes 88 pieces. It comes with Link (with different face), and puppet Zelda.

The last set is based of the end of the game when Midna goes back to the Twilight realm. This set comes with 25 pieces, and comes with the Twilight Princess.

Well that's it for now. Support, follow, and spread the word, and I hope to see you on my journey to 10,000 supporters.

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