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My Good Friends (Three-Frame Comic)


My Good Friends

The Cat and the Puppy


The puppy: “They are my good friends.”

The cat: “So?”


The puppy: “They are also my good friends.”

The cat: “So?”

The puppy: “So do you have any good friends?”


The cat: “They are my good friends.”

The puppy: “Help!” (run away)

The mummy and the zombie: “Where is the puppy? We are very kind.”


This interesting three-frame comic set includes:

  • 3 same cats and 2 same puppies.
  • 4 different minifigures (boy, girl, mummy and zombie) plus 4 different animals (dog, kitten, parrot and frog).
  • 3 same green 4x4 plates.
  • some accessories (breakfast cereal, milk, rice, lollipop, drumstick, ice-cream, banana, soft drink and pizza).

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