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Scorpion Palace


Sword Shrine and Tower

I color sorted my bricks and managed to come up with enough stuff to expand the palace a bit more. The sword is from the wave 1 Knights Kingdom Lord Vladek ultrabuild. 


The Palace in all its Glory

So here are some more pictures of the palace, I changed the stairs a little bit and the wall next to them.


Palace Stairs

I've added some stairs, made in glorious SNOT fashion. The edge would be different if I had more golden studs. I may change the stairs in the future.  They are sturdy enough to support play with minifigures.



Homage to the Dark Lord

An evil king from the lands north of Morcia lays down his sword before Lord Vladek. He brings rare silk, gold, jewels, potions, and best of all; an elephant. This is a little idea for some more playability.



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Expansion and Fireplace

I have expanded the balcony and added a decent fireplace. Instead of having one and half arches, it now has two complete arches.