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Soyuz TMA-6


    This is my Lego adaptation for the TMA-6 Soyuz capsule. The Soyuz capsule is a manned spacecraft that was initially designed for the purpose of getting the Russian's to the moon. After the space shuttle retired, it became the only form of craft to fly into space. The craft has undergone many re-designs, but still remains one of the most reliable spacecraft to date. The first Soyuz flight was unmanned and flew on November 28, 1966. Ever since then, Soyuz has carried men and women into space and to the ISS.


    The set features 3 detachable sections. Orbital Module, Descent Module, and Instruments/Propulsion Module. The Instruments/Propulsion Module includes solar panels that can be rotated and flexed, but not folded as the real spacecraft does. The model does not fit minifigures due to the fact of me trying to make it scale to real person. (If shrunk down to minifigure size). It’s more of a display piece that you can play with. The model sits well on the stand and won’t fall over.


Link to know more about Soyuz:


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