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Prison Transport Unit

The Prison Transport Unit set is part of the new Time Defenders Product Collection. A mysterious device is launching robots from the future into the present! The robots are set on destroying the first city they come to and capture its citizens. And only a hand-full of adventurous people have what it takes to defend the city.

The TimeBots' Prison Transport Unit is scouring the city to capture the citizens in its Containment Units and burn down the city with its Flame Thrower. Once again, the Time Defenders are called into action. Will their new state-of-the-art Jetpack and Land Rover be enough to take down the TimeBot and free the citizens before the whole city is destroyed?

This set is part of the new theme, Time Defenders, with 8 sets in all. I have uploaded all 8 sets to give you the chance to choose your favorite. Search TimeDefenders in the search box to see my other sets and discover more of the story behind the Time Defenders.

If you support this set, please also support the Time Defenders Theme project. Just search Time Defenders Theme to find it, or click on my username.

This is the Prison Robot, with its flame thrower. Check the next picture to see its prison units.

These are the prison units, holding the captured citizens.

This is the Land Rover, holding both Time Defender Minifigs.

These are the Minifigs, the 2 Time Defenders and the 3 Citizens.

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