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Mulan's Training Camp


Shan Yu and the Hun army are headed towards the Emporer. General Li has left his son Li Shang to train the newest troops, including Fa Mulan.

Shang finds out that his father has set quite the test for him as the crew is quite the lively bunch. Just when Shang believes this group has no hope, Mulan continues her focus and pride.

As she swings the ribbons around the pole, she surprises camp with her climb up to get Shang's arrow. Of course, her trusty sidekicks Khan, Mushu, and Cri-Kee, are there to help her as well!

Will Shang be able to lead his troop? Will Mulan bring pride to the family? Will Mushu impress the ancestors? It all starts at Mulan's Training Camp.


104 Pieces + Stickers (to be designed by LEGO team for tents. (Also, further designing necessary for Mushu and Cri-Kee.) Other areas of the set include a pond with two frogs, a campfire, and a cherry blossom tree.

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