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Vintage Sailing Chest

A vintage chest full of sailors secrets!
This set consists of two detachable parts! The first is a decorative coffer finished with a movable sailboat rocking on the waves. The second is an antique stand /table for the coffer. It also has a working draw which contains a gold wristwatch.
  • The main function of the set is in the coffer section, with a hidden technic mechanism attached to an axel pin which allows the small ship on top to pursue a pitching motion as it rides the aesthetic brick built waves. This motion is carried out by rotating a handle at the back of the model.
  • The second function is the ability for the set to smoothly separate for if people would like to display the sections separately or to add their own parts on.
  • The final function is a working draw, it slides in and out, revealing the removable gold wristwatch.

  • W20cm x D7cm x H17cm

This would be a good Lego set as it looks good on display and has many features.

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