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Beach speaker!

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Beach / picnic speaker

-To be used with your cellphone or mp3-player on sunny days.
-Comes in all colours!
-Volume control via sound source, only on/off switch on battery box
~5w amplifier / 3" fullrange driver

System base structure for adequate air tightness. Technic handle and Technic inner structure to make it stiff. Power button slides directly the on/off switch of PF battery box.

Power Functions signal cable and 3" speaker required for this project. I have tested 3" tangband drivers on one liter / 100hz tuned enclosure with 8W amp. Sound quality and output were good.

Existing Power Functions battery box modified to house an d-class amplifier. D-class amps have great efficiency: no battery power wasted on heating things!

Which colour do you prefer? :)

See youtube / drakmin for my DIY ghettoblasters. I get lot's of e-mail asking on how to build similar boomboxes from scratch. Based on this I believe there is a demand for this kind of "easy to start with -build yourself" portable speaker.

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