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Sherlock 221b Baker Street


Welcome to my project. This is a Sherlock holmes room that we know as "221 b baker street" from the series "Sherlock". This project includes of 4 minifigures  

  1. Sherlock holmes: He comes with his favorite cloth and his hair style.
  2. Doctor Watson: He comes with brown suit and gray hair.
  3. Mycroft holmes: He comes with tidy suit and black umbrella
  4. Mrs.Hudson: She comes with old cloth and smile face                                                                  

On the left side you will see a lot of papers on the wall and there are sofa, lamp, table around that. On the right side, there are two chairs, two bookshelf, one table and one fire place (with skull on it). Middle of the room.There are small table (with newspapers on it) and beautiful carpet. Every details of this room was based on the series. If you are Sherlock's fanclub you must love this project and please submit it!!!

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