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Lamborghini Reventon



     Here is my Lego® version of the Lamborghini Reventon®. This car is a convertible and thus has a removable top. Deciding on your taste, you can take or leave the top on. It has it's unique triangular shape made into the front and back of this amazing car. I did my best in being as exact as possible to get the realistic and cunning design. I've made two stripes as it's theme. I love sports cars, especially lamborghinis, and this was right up my alley. If you like this I would love to know, and if you have a suggestion or question feel free to comment. I would like any ideas people have, and remember if this is to become a set, its future is on your shoulders. I hope you have enjoyed viewing my project.

  • height  2 1/2 in.(6 1/2 cm.)  
  • width 4 1/2 in.(12 cm.)
  • length 9 in.(23 cm.) 
  • probably has between 400 & 500 pieces
  • comes with two minifigures (Leroy Davis the red head and Tom Fallon the brown haired guy )

Thanks for viewing my project.


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