Product Idea

The King Mech Battle

This is my first mech project idea on LEGO Ideas. The build contains around 600 pieces and has two minifigures. The mech contains about 250-300 pieces, and has some cool elements.

The two minifigures are fighting the large mech trying to attack the Land of the Desert. (not dessert) They both have unique heads and hair pieces. They each have some cool torso elements, but they have plain pants. 

The floor or desert, has three structures that represent stone rocks. The floor also contains one never stop sign. The floor also has some grey flooring bricks make it look more realistic.

The mech is built with many different pieces that make up the body and the head. (and arms/legs) The mech also contains some metal elements which adds more texture to it. The rocks around the mech show that this scene is in a deserted place. 

Thanks for supporting and commenting on this build! Thanks!