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Custom Commercial Trailer


Custom Commercial Trailer



This Truck is inspired by big custom old – style trucks.


Due to Lego Ideas regulations about the number of bricks available for a single project I had to split this project in two parts, so it is the trailer.


This model is intended to be a display collecting toy.

It’s not built minifig – scale, however it can host up to 2 minifigs and is ready to play with.


Exterior features:

  • Refrigerator up front;
  • Solid body design (also available in flat bed version);
  • Double spaced dually rear axle;
  • Lights and chrome details everywhere (the parts in gray are supposed to be chromed)
  • Top air scoops;
  • Fluorescent lights;


Interior features:

  • Internal rail – mounted crane with double winch to move the load easily;
  • Completely flat floor;
  • Mini deck with stairs to inspection the load with crane controls;


Playability features:

  • Tilting suspension system;
  • Rear side opening;
  • More storage area between the axles;
  • Folding parking legs;
  • Modular removable roof for easier access;


Pros and cons:

+          a bulletproof traffic wipe – away weapon to deliver fastest your goods!

-           it definitely won’t fit your home garage…


brick counter and difficulty:

1225 bricks, hard building difficulty.



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