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Fendt IDEAL Combine


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Leaders drive Fendt!

When you combine a passion for agriculture and a passion for LEGO, with some farmer ingenuity, the result is the LEGO Fendt IDEAL Combine.

This LEGO project features the Fendt IDEAL 9T combine with 16 Row 3316 Command Series Corn Head. 

The Inspiration 

Fendt is a German brand of agriculture equipment based out of Marktoberdorf, Germany. Recently, they introduced a new combine platform to the market place called the Fendt IDEAL Combine. This machine brings high capacity and technology to farmers around the world. Due to it's unique styling and impressive design, it is a perfect project for designing a LEGO set. 

The LEGO Set Design

This set was designed utilizing the LEGO Digital Designer program. The design started with the grain tank as the center piece of the design. From there side shielding was created, which was one of the most difficult aspects of the design, due to the aggressive styling of the actual combine. The rest of the combine was then built within the shielding to ensure the combine stayed to scale. 

The internal part of a combine is the heart and soul of the equipment so key elements were included. Dual rotors with concaves, chaffer, sieve, cleaning fan, chopper and chaff spreader are all designed within this model. Everything you need that makes a combine do what it does best.

The Fendt IDEAL Combine LEGO set consists of around 1850 bricks. All bricks are official LEGO bricks.

Many of the elements of the Fendt IDEAL combine are designed into this LEGO model. 

  • Large cab with terminal, armrest with hydro handle, and foldable training seat
  • Track system
  • Dual rotors
  • Full cleaning system with cleaning fan, chaffer & sieve
  • Unload auger that swings out
  • 485 bushel grain tank
  • Clean grain elevator
  • Main drive pulleys
  • Main gear box 
  • Hydraulic block
  • Chopper and tailboard
  • Detachable 16 row corn head with rotating drive lines

This set was designed with intention of capturing the impressive look of the combine but also to be informative to Lego enthusiasts on how a combine works internally and how farmers deliver food from the field to their table daily. 

Playability was also considered, which led to the design of shielding to be open, corn header to detach and engine deck to open. 

The LEGO Fendt IDEAL Combine was the product of about 30 hours of design in LEGO Digital Designer and about 8 hours of build time once all bricks were collected to assemble the unit. 

The Designer

I am a 4th generation farmer originally from Central Illinois that has a passion for agriculture and combines. I have always had a passion for LEGO so having the opportunity to merge the two has been a great experience.

This set is dedicated to my nephews, who I hope one day will get to build a LEGO Fendt IDEAL Combine set. 

This set is a very special project to me because having modern agriculture equipment represented by LEGO will inform many more people about the equipment that farmers utilize to feed the world. 

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for taking the time to read the project description.

If you would like to see the Fendt IDEAL Combine become an actual LEGO set, please support this project! 

Thank you and happy carpet farming!