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Galaxy Unity - Eight Spaceships In One!


Blacktron Log - Final Update

Greetings "fellow cadets." this is blacktron contacting you from the log of the former captain. thanks to your vailiant efforts, or lack thereof, we have successfully managed to commadere alleight of their spacecrafts. our victory was interrupted by five more of the "immediate assistance" they requested, but the most they could do is join the 42 others as we gave all eight of their ships a lovely coat of paint.

as for the crew of eight, we stranded them with the parts to make those ships before, we made sure not to make that mistake again. no oxygen, no space junk, nothing. their efforts to travel space to seek help has been marked with Failure!

Okay, roleplay aside, you really bombed your first part of the complexity test with a 0.47%. i still have the second part waiting for approval, so let's hope you can help that out. (thanks COVID!)


Captain's log - update 11

while we were scrambling out of the crossfire of blacktron forces, i was glad to see that the support i got wasn't alone. three more cadets came to his side boosting us to 0.42% of the required goal. however, they came over a little late because as it turned out, blacktron actually CAN hit multiple moving targets, they just had some heat seeking built into their flick fire artillery or something as they locked on to our ships and blasted them one by one, causing us to crash the ships and strand us all on a remote planetoid.

i ask you fellow cadets as we approach the end: we need your help more than ever!


Captain's log - update 10

we're taking hits from blacktron forces over here, but luckily we can see some reinforcements, and they come in the form extra cadet? that only brought us up to a 0.39% of the support we need! we're sitting ducks out here in space!

we'll have to split and scatter, they can't hit multiple moving targets...can they?


Captain's log - update 9

our luck is starting to go sour at lightspeed. we've picked up two whole cadets as of the time of the recording of this log. only 0.38% of the goal, and blacktron has already arrived at the final quarter of our expedition!

we'll have to hold them off until more backup. requesting immediate assistance! over and out!


Captain's log - update 8

Those blacktron forces are drawing closer every update. things are looking bad out here!

We've gotten a bit lucky in earning the trust of five people as we reach 0.36% of of the support.

We only have a third of the time that we had at the start and we can't let our guard down. time is of the essence and we're scrambling through planets quickly!

In other news, we're getting readings of a treehouse being tributed for some reason.


Captain's log - update 7

we got good news and bad news. bad news is that blacktron seems to have managed to beat us to the nearest planet. good news is that there's still a couple of survivors in the settlement there! they helped manage to support our efforts as we have now reached 0.31% of the necessary support.

this blacktron problem is getting a bit worrysome...time is rather crucial, so i hope we don't run into them more often...


Captain's log - update 6

we're halfway into our expedition, and we've managed to reach 0.29% of the necessary support. hmph, the numbers just keep growing slowly as we look for other news, green has been busy making some slight adjustments to the ships.

adding a bit of landing gear to his own, while a few others got a cosmetic tweaking.

let's hope these changes don't leave us vulnerable to blacktron.


Captain's log - update 5

i've got good news and bad news. the good news is that we've mangaed to reach the first quarter of the first milestone. five cadets joined as of the making of this update, bumping this up to 0.26% of the necessary support!

the bad news is that we lost contact with one of the cadets that already supported us. blacktron must've found him and terminated his connection! trying to leave us out in space!

we're gonna have to stay safe on our expedition. barren planets and blacktron interceptors could be a problem.


Captain's log - update 4

at first, i was worried we'd hit a barren planet after hoping we wouldn't find one, but a couple of cadets came at just our luck, which left us with 0.21% of our goal. of course, we had to help them out in return.

let's hope this time we don't hit an actual barren planet.


Captain's log - update 3

reaching the first quarter of our expedition, we have reached 0.2% of the necessary support. it isn't much, but every drop counts.

i do hope we can find other freindly settlements/alien colonies. it's better than a barren planet, in my opinion.