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Oil Rig With Supply Ship


Oil Rig with Supply ship 

This oil rig comes with 6 mini figures, deck hands, chemist, welder, and a captain for the supply ship.  

The rig has a helicopter pad for picking up the crew after a hard days work. The roof of the building can come off so you can work the controls in the control room. 

There is two areas for landing the cargo off the supply ship with the tower crane. When the rig needs some repairs done the welder can get all his tools out of if tool box that can open and close.

The supply ship comes with 2 sea containers. One has supplies that ship need's for everyday work and the other one is a new part that needs to be installed on the rig.  

When the sea gets ruff and you need to get off fast there is a life boat that can be put into the water and make a clean getaway from the rig. 

This rig has 1650 bricks in total and is a great add to any city 

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