lego monsters: Dragon nest

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This is a set from my invented theme: lego monsters
It's called: Dragon nest
For the other monster set, see:

Here is mother dragon.
She has two wings with on each side two claws.
I also made a big mouth and orange eyes.

This is the nest with a running afraid mountaineer, (with scarf) and the baby dragon.
Under the nest is a cave with a skeleton, a skull and a skeletal bone. As you pull the lever, the mountaineer will fall down into the cave.

Here is the other afraid mountaineer. She has a backpack and a pickaxe.
I also made a unsteady bridge. When a minifigure step on it, (or as you pull it) the bridge will fluctuate.

Here is the camp of the mountaineers. There is a barrel and a table with a bottle on it.