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Guardians of the Acheron

The king of Acheron ended his long sleep and woke up. The only thing he wants to do is connecting the Acheron, the human world and paradise and being the only king of these three worlds. In order to reach this great goal, he turned some animals from human world into his personal guards and soldiers-- Guardians of the Acheron. Then he led those guardians and many monsters he brought from Acheron to invade other worlds. (This is the story line I made up by my own!)


Cerberus, the fierce three-headed wolf, is the pet/ mount of the king of Acheron. However the king of Acheron hardly goes to the battle field, so it usually shows up with other guardians such as Panther Guardian. The middle head is the one in charge but sometimes those three head argue something. The chain is on the neck of the boss head just in case it probably doesn’t obey. (The Panther Guardian in the picture is for demonstration only, not in this set)


I use two body units to build its main body part. Many grey bricks are the way to show its color and furry texture. There is a giant claw on the end of its tail. Based on many years of experience playing Lego Bionicle series and another series with action figures included such as Hero Factory and Legend of Chima, I took a one month building and modifying my Cerberus. I also did some research on the skeleton structure of dog and wolf, especially the hind leg part.

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