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Snoopy & Woodstock


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Snoopy and Woodstock are characters that many people like, including me, so I built them out of Lego.

I built them both 3D, which was a challenge because normally, they are 2D. However, I think this turned out quite well. I used plenty of slope pieces, which made it easy to create the shape of his head, which is a weird shape to make in Lego. I also built Snoopy's typewriter, which he is seen with many times. For the feathers on the back of Woodstock's head, I used some yellow clip pieces, which I think gets the shape of it pretty well.

As of February 23rd 2024, I gave Woodstock a face, which he was lacking before. I received many ideas of how to build his face, which I considered and used @Joneender's idea for the mouth by using a black tooth piece.

I hope you like this and decide to support it!

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