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Expedition Vehicle For Alien Planets

The Idea:
Even as a child, inspired by classic science fiction series, I tried to implement what I saw on TV with my LEGO bricks. I've always found it particularly difficult to create interiors in spacecraft, ground vehicles, or stations. And that wasn't just because I didn't have enough bricks.
When I renewed my passion for LEGO a few years ago, I decided to invent my own story, my own LEGO theme, so to speak. And apart from very small units, these should of course also have interior spaces. Everything should also be playable, for which there are removable roof constructions.

The Model:
Larger exploration spaceships carry a set of standardized units for exploring alien worlds. This triaxial explorer features easy off-road mobility and seats two to three explorers. It can be shielded from the outside world with the fold-out bulkhead, so that you can also open the helmet inside and take care of minor medical problems. It can also be used to conduct explorations lasting several days. To this end, it has its own oxygen and water supplies on the roof. Various tools can be carried inside and outside.

The Background:
I like the newer moon and Mars explorer series, but they still have the old problem (for my point of view): No interiors, just cockpits. So I tried my very best to give an alternative. Every vehicle of my theme has a purpose, a task where it can be used for. And this vehicle offered itself to build it in several colors.

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