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Lock S-Foils Into Attack Position!


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Introducing the Midi-Scale X-Wing Starfighter.

This particular spacecraft is one of the most renowned and popular starships in all of Star Wars history.  The X-Wing was modeled after the ARC-170 Starfighter, and was produced especially for the Rebel Alliance by the Incom Corporation shortly after The Clone Wars.  Luke Skywalker flew one during the attack on the first Death Star, and, because he ended up destroying the feared battle station, it is debated among many star pilots as the best fighter in the galaxy.

Here I have made a Midi-Scale version.  It has many details, such as:

S-foil wings that can be unfolded into attack position,

An astromech droid (the small lever base behind the cockpit),

The nose, which is an interesting use of a minifigure stud backpack, and

A stand to put the X-Wing on.

I hope you like it!

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